Compile multiple sass projects using a single node-sass instance.


npm install -g multi-sass


Supply any combination of node-sass command line options, separating each configuration by -n or --next.


multi-sass --directory project1/src --output project1/css --source-map \
    --next --input project2/src/component.scss -o project2/dist/comp.min.css


All command-line options available to node-sass should work, as should any option specified in the documentation prefixed with --.

The flags defined by multi-sass either exist because they are named differently or because that part of the functionality is provided by multi-sass (such as --watch).

-h, --help             output usage information
-V, --version          output the version number
--name <name>          Name config
-n, --next             Start next config
-w, --watch            Enable watch
-i, --input <file>     Input file
-d, --directory <dir>  Input directory
-r, --recursive        Recursively watch directories or files
-o, --output <file>    Output file or directory
--include-path <dir>   Path to look for imported files


If you have some issue or code you would like to add, feel free to open a Pull Request or Issue and I will look into it as soon as I can.


I am releasing this under a MIT License.

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